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What is the immune system?

The immune system is our defense system comprising a variety  of different biological structures and processes within an organism that protect against disease.

I created this page as a reference to learn more!

How The Immune System Works.

What does Immunocompromised mean?

Patient who are immunocompromised have a weakened immune system and a reduced ability to fight infections and other diseases. This may be caused by certain diseases or conditions, such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes, malnutrition, and certain genetic disorders. It may also be caused by certain medicines or treatments, such as anticancer drugs, radiation therapy, and stem cell or organ transplant. 

Optimizing your immune system

There are numerous different things that can help restore optimal function to our immune system (see video).  If there is a silver lining to the recent viral outbreak, it is that people are starting to understand the importance of taking care of themselves and improving their immune function.

Here is a post I created to not only show the relationship between Chiropractic and the immune system, but also to share the research behind it!

Learn more on how to boost your immune system here!

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