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My Dirty Dozen Daily Affirmations.

Every once in a while I get so caught up on the treadmill of "just getting by" that I lose focus on the big picture. One thing I have incorporated into my day is what I call my "Dirty Dozen Daily Affirmations." I've found that by dedicating even a few seconds of clarity to writing these down every morning helps start my day with focus and in the right direction.

Here are my morning affirmations in no particular order.

1) I will always put my wife and family first in my life.

2) I will serve as a leader in faith in my family.

3) I will dedicate my professional life to helping people and making lives better.

4) I will make it a priority to show my wife love daily.

5)I will lead my sons, by example, to become good men.

6)I will grow my practice to 3 chiropractors, 2 receptionists and one billing professional in order to better serve the community.

7) I will not judge myself.

8) I will not compare myself to others

9) I will remember to live in the moment while chasing our goals.

10) I will never give up. I will keep moving forward. I will make our dreams come true.

11) I will make my health a priority.

12) I will make a positive impact on any community I am part of.

I then add a different "Affirmation of the Day" that covers something specific that I am dealing with that day.

It seems like such a little thing, but I have seen drastic improvement in my ability to prioritize things throughout my day when I remind myself of what I want to accomplish.

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